Sunday, 2 December 2012

Top 10 Most Famous People In The World History

Here is a list of most famous people in the world history.

Image used under Creative Commons from Public-sector-lists.

1. Adam and Eve 

2. Jesus Christ

3. Alexander the Great

4. Buddha

5. Leonardo Da Vinci

6. Albert Einstein

7. Adolf Hitler

8. William Shakespeare

9. Julius Caesar

10. Elvis Presley


  1. I disagree. Most people have never heard of Alexander the Great (sad but true)And I doubt most people outside of "The West" have heard of the majority of the people on this list.
    I suggest a list like this instead:
    1. Jesus
    2. Moses
    3. Mohamed
    4. Abraham
    5. Buddha
    6. Adam & Eve
    7. Genghis Khan
    8. Adolph Hitler
    9. Confucius
    and the only pop culture figure to make the list at #10 is Bruce Lee

    1. Thanks for your list. I will update the list after some research.