Tuesday, 30 April 2013

First Pictures Taken by Google Glass

A hands-free picture taken using Google Glass by Google X employee Steve Lee while he was driving.
The first images which are taken by Google Glass are now online. The above picture is taken using the Glass by the Google X employee from San Francisco, Steve Lee. This picture is taken while he was driving. Another picture which is taken by Sophia Yang another Google employee while she was working on the Glass Project.

Sophia Yang took a picture of the Google office where she is working on the Glass project.

Another Google employee Sidney Chang posted a picture of the carpeted floor in the office, which is taken using the Google Glass.

Google staffer Sidney Chang showed that while the picture is still sharp, taking photos using Glass might take a bit of practice.
Google Glasses are now out for testing with about a thousand users worldwide. The Glasses will be released for sale next year.

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