Thursday, 27 June 2013

Remove Virus from Pen Drive and Recover Files

I plugged in my brand new Transcend 2 GB pen drive in a computer at my college. I just copied a power point presentation file. When I plugged it in another computer, I found that my pen drive had more than one hundred files which are really just shortcuts. I was totally devastated and most importantly I could not plug the pen drive in my personal computer. So when I googled, I found that this was due to a virus called Recycler and another one is called Autorun.inf. So after trying some methods, I finally deleted all the viruses in my pen drive and recovered my files safely.

So today I'm going to share the same method which I used to delete the Recycler and Autorun.inf viruses successfully.

Step 1: (Must)

We need to delete Autorun.inf files in our Pen Drive without opening it. So we need a free software program for that.

Download the following free Autorun remover program:

After downloading, double click to run the program. The program starts running and deletes Autorun.inf files if it finds any.

Now plug in your Pen Drive and Do Not open it.

The Autorun Exterminator automatically detects and deletes all the Autorun.inf files from your Pen Drive.

Step 2: (Must)

Do Not open the Pen Drive yet. You need to make sure that all the other files and folders inside your Pen Drive are not affected.

Download the following Anti Virus program:

Install it and first Update it so that all the latest virus info will be updated. No do a Full Scan on your Pen Drive by selecting the appropriate options.

If there is any malware, it will detect and delete it.

After the scan is complete you can safely open the Pen Drive and Recover your Files.

But if you do not have any important file in your Pen Drive and you are more concerned about the safety of your computer I would recommend you to go to the 3rd step.

Step 3: (Recommended)

If you do not have any important file in your Pen Drive, it is always safe to format the entire virus affected Pen Drive before using it again.

We are going to use a free and simple tool for this.

Download the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool:

Now right click and select Run as Administrator. Make sure the correct drive is selected as the Device and select the File System (usually FAT 32). You have a Quick Format option but I would strongly recommend not to use it and go with the traditional formatting.

When the Format completes your Pen Drive will be as good as a new one.

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